August already! Where does the time go?

This summer is flying by (although it’s always hard to say that when we in San Francisco don’t get a proper summer! I know I really can’t complain…coming from Michigan, I am grateful that we also miss out on a proper winter as well!) I’ve been busy working on new pieces and taking a small business class through the Women’s Initiative in the Mission, which has been absolutely amazing and I am loving all the spectacular women in the group, especially our fabulous instructor Sheila Cunningham. The support and encouragement has been invaluable and I know this experience will help me in all aspects of my life, not just my business. 

I am scoping out stores that would be interested in consigning my jewelry, so if you know of any please email me or leave a comment below:

Here is a bracelet I made for a fantastic friend who has such an exuberant personality I had to make sure I reflected that in her piece:


 And below for my sweet friend from high school, Amy– I found these beautiful vintage glass letters that I placed on one side of a double sided pendant: 


 and then printed an image of her zodiac sign and coated in resin for a clear, glass-like finish on the other side:



That’s all for now, but I can’t wait to show the newest pieces I’ve been working on with lots more color! Stay tuned…


Happy Pride!!

What an exhilarating week for both women’s and gay’s rights! I feel excited and honored to be a part of this historic time. And what better place to celebrate than SF during Pride?! 

I put together these fun marriage equality keychains, and made the sign from a photo we took at a Marriage Equality rally in the Castro:



And before the festivities begin (at least for me), I will be selling my wares outside my apartment, which has become a fun way to show and sell my work on the weekends in my neighborhood. I am fortunate to live in a prime location on 24th St. in Noe Valley, where Saturdays especially have an endless stream of foot traffic, as people shop, brunch, and shop some more! And I’ve found that I make the most sales on the days when I offer free mimosas with purchase! Go figure…



So, if you happen to be in SF between 10am and noon on Sat. June 29 come on by to see me before you head to Dolores Park for the festivities!





I have been working on lots of great stuff, and can’t wait to share once I get them completed and photographed. In the meantime, here are some pendants I made for myself and one of my favorite persons (my partner Di).

If you would like a custom initial necklace like the one I made for myself below, please email me at I always love making personalized pieces!



The pendant below was one of the first pieces I made, and I used part of a map from my trip to visit my brother John, who was studying abroad in Dijon, France. We went to Paris for the weekend and I found a lovely Fleur de Lys necklace and used a piece that had broken off to complete my collage pendant.



D typewriter key:


And for my moon goddess, the phases of the moon surrounding a bead that so perfectly looked like the earth.





Summertime is Here

I love summer (especially when I can get out of chilly SF for getaways to Cali’s hotter climates!). I just spent Memorial Weekend with friends in Santa Barbara and the weather was perfect…we spent a day at the wineries, another day at the dog beach, then had a BBQ, and went to a couple art festivals the next day — completed by enjoying ices in the park. I couldn’t ask for anything more!

I’ve been working on some pieces that include various insects. May sound a little strange, but it all started one day after I found a couple of dead bees in my sun room. They were perfectly preserved and so beautiful, so I naturally decided to make a necklace out of them. Here is a pic of the one I keep around my neck most days — someone told me they are good luck!



A few weeks ago I was walking down the beach at Fort Funston with my dog Lulu and our close friends, Kimra and her dog Maggie. Along the way we saw numerous bees and ladybugs in the sand (unfortunately very few were alive, and the ones that were struggled). I don’t know why those bees would be down there by the beach, but it made me very worried and sad. Our bees are so vital to life as we know it! Well, I tried to save a couple though I don’t think it did much good. And the rest I took home with me to immortalize in my art. I also found a beautiful moth and made this necklace with it:


If you are interested in purchasing this statement piece, click on the link below:

Stay tuned for more to come, as I am working on completing the bee and ladybug pendants now!



Busy for Mother’s Day!

I haven’t posted in a while because I was busy with lots of custom orders for Mother’s Day (yay!) and then I was under the weather with a nasty cold (boo!). So, now I’m back and sharing some pics of a few of the pieces I made with more initials (has anyone noticed I love making jewelry with names and initials?!) I had so much fun because the people who ordered from me told me some basic guidelines and then let my creative juices flow. I love when I can get paid for playing!

Here is the first bracelet that I made for a busy mom with 5(!) children.

I decided it was too much to fit on a necklace:


My second below is available for purchase at

If you don’t have 5 initials to use, it can be made with your name or a word significant to you.


This one has the name of the child (Milo) with his parents initials (L.&J.) on either end:


And finally (for the bracelets anyway!), this has 4 initials and an angel wing charm, but may also be made with a name or word (3-6 letters):


I’ll just share a couple of my favorite necklaces since there are so many:



Oh, and of course I have to share the one for my own mom!:


Click on the links above to order through my Etsy site:

You can also email me for a custom order at

Thanks for following!



I recently was asked to make an initials necklace for a former co-worker and I am really happy with how it turned out (the initials are for her 3 children):


You can order your own at:

It can be made with 1-3 initials — kid’s initials, your own monogram initials, or a loved one…the possibilities are endless!


Below is a ring I made for my good friend Emily:


And then there are earrings as well!


I hope you like the pics and if you are interested in having a personalized pendant made for yourself or a friend/loved one, please click on one of the links above or check out my Etsy site for more options:

You can also send me a message at

Thank you for reading!


Welcome to Katie Wood Jewelry!

Hello to my current and future followers! I am so grateful for the words of encouragement that I have already received regarding my new venture into the world of handmade jewelry and starting my own small business. This is all very new and intimidating to me, so one of my goals is to be bold and reach out for advice and support. I know I cannot do this alone!

My journey into making my own jewelry started years ago with a beading class where I spent the entire three hours making one necklace. Then I did nothing else for maybe six(?!) years. During that time I was busy in my job as a Mother/Baby RN, as well as dealing with many personal struggles that, thankfully, have all turned out quite positive, and have brought me to a new stage in my life and career. I am no longer nursing due to an injury, but I’ve discovered that I feel most fulfilled when I am nurturing my creative passions, which has led me back to making jewelry.

I took another jewelry making class early last year, this time using resin and found objects. I fell in love! All my life, my Mom has made collages using objects she’s found in my Great Grandmother’s basement as well as pieces from her past that were significant to her. She’s incorporated pictures of family and, of course, her children, all showcasing what she is proud of, or what she is dealing with, or what she is just feeling at the time. She has helped me to make my own collages and the ones I treasure the most are the ones that includes photos of my parents and me. So, when I discovered that I could make my own wearable collages I was over the moon. I’ve always saved little things over the years that I felt I’d like to include in some type of collage some day, and many of them were pieces from broken jewelry or even a favorite picture frame that had lots of lovely little antique style fleur-de-lys. These objects and more have been used in all of my pendants.

Giving away pieces I’ve made is one of my greatest joys. I hope that selling my pieces will continue to be a joy for me as I know it will be a challenge. I feel that if I can continue to be true to what makes me feel happy in my work, that will translate to pieces that others will want to enjoy and share with their loved ones as well.

This whole process is, of course, a learning experience, as well as an experiment for me, and I’m sure I will make many mistakes along the way– and then hopefully learn from them! I opened a shop on etsy in November ( and I have my Facebook page ( I still have many ideas for the direction I want to go, and one of the hardest things for me thus far has been learning how to properly document my work to show on the web (both to sell and to share). So, know that this is just the beginning of what you will see from me, and I expect it to keep getting better and better!

Here are photos of a couple of pendants that I made for my sister Laura and my cousin Claire Wood, as a preview of pieces that I’m working on tentatively called “Forever Names”



I also recently made a group of pendants for close friends who had lost a loved one, someone who was very special in so many lives, including mine. His name is Hal and I made one of the necklaces with his name in a heart-shaped pendant, two that are small and delicate with his initial h, and one for his wife with a photo of the two of them together on the back and their names on the front. I truly hope that these tokens can help my friends hold their husband, father, and grandfather, on the outside of their hearts as well as the inside. Hal was the kind of man who brought so much joy to everyone he encountered, just by the love and energy he exuded with his warm smile and innate ability to give whomever he was talking to all of his attention and interest. I hope that by wearing the necklaces, not only can his loved ones hold him closer to themselves, they can also share him with the world.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more to come…